Yoga for Pelvic Health

3-Hour On Demand Workshop with Shannon Crow

Yoga for Pelvic Health Workshop


  • 3-hr Yoga for Pelvic Health Workshop (on-demand)
  • All workshop slides
  • Yoga Alliance CE credits

Cost: $69 USD

Note: This training is included in the Pelvic Health Professionals Membership.

So if you are like me (yep I’m frugal), then it is actually less to join the membership
AND you get access to everything else inside of Pelvic Health Professionals for a full month.

Yoga for Pelvic Health Online Workshop with Shannon Crow

Who is this Workshop for?

If you are teaching yoga or movement to people with a pelvis — this workshop is designed for you.

We hear all kinds of things about the core and pelvic floor nowadays, but a lot of the information is conflicting and/or confusing.

This workshop will give you the foundational information needed to teach to anyone with a pelvic health issue (which is a lot of our students).

You will learn the basic pelvic health information that every movement educator and yoga teacher needs to know.

Recommended Props: Bolster. Strap, Block



All Genders Welcome

Shannon is passionate about removing gendered language whenever possible — because generally everyone with a pelvis has similar anatomy. We will be talking about uterus health, but it’s cool to learn about this even if you don’t own a uterus. 

*If you have questions or thoughts on how this series can be more accessible to you (financially or otherwise) — please don’t hesitate to ask us.

About Shannon

Shannon Crow (she/her) has been a yoga teacher for over 15 years.

She studied anatomy and physiology in college and in yoga teacher trainings, and birthed three babies, but still no one was talking about pelvic health.

When Shannon started to learn about pelvic health topics she couldn’t wait to share this with the yoga world.

She founded Pelvic Health Professionals in 2019 and has taught Yoga for Pelvic Health around the world.