How to Cancel

Your Pelvic Health Professionals Membership

Thank you for being a member of Pelvic Health Professionals. 

If you would like to cancel your membership here are the steps to follow.

Before you go — consider sharing feedback (in the form below) on how we can improve the membership. If it is something we can implement right away we will.

Steps to Cancel

2. Click on your image or name and then choose account.

3. Select billing tab (on the left)

4. Click cancel button (on the right)

*Note: You will have access to everything in the library up to the end of your billing period.

How Can We Improve?

We would like to hear from you. What could we do to improve the membership?

Our goal is to have all of the support that you need to grow your business and learn about pelvic health here inside of the membership. If we are missing an element to this support we would like to know.

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